A Message from Jisun Lee about being a Big Sister to NOAH with Children

Hi, my name is Ji Sun Lee, a big sister of NOAH with Children. In the Greater Mekong Sub-region, in which Thailand is a focal point, child sex trafficking is widespread. In particular, the daughters of poor families, stateless children, and children working for their survival are at risk of being pulled into the trade. What at-risk children need most are not the luxuries of the world but simply one humble heart. With one person’s support, at-risk children in the Greater Mekong Sub-region can stand up for their future and for hope. Big Sister Sponsorship empowers the at-risk children to be reinforced more through one to one sponsorship. Each child that receives sponsorship can grow and thrive thru the support of NOAH’s holistic child development program. Please, become a Big Sister and rescue children from the threat of child sex trafficking.” If you want to become a Big Sister (or Big Brother), click HERE to sponsor a child.

Being A Big Sister

Each Big Sister is assigned one at-risk child currently in the NOAH with Children program.

Each Big Sister monetarily supports her child with $50/month. Monthly support will contribute to each little sister’s: 1) scholarship for school tuition fees 2) bible study club activity materials 3) snack or lunch 4 ) family emergency needs

Each Big Sister makes a minimum one-year commitment to supporting her child.

Each Big Sister writes her child periodically throughout the year, covers her child in consistent prayer and sends her child a Christmas gift during the holiday season.

빅시스터는 노아 윗 췰드런 프로그램에 소속되어있는 위기의 처한 아동과 1:1 결연 됩니다.

빅시스터는 결연 아동을 위하여 월 $50 재정지원을 합니다. 정기적인 월별 후원은 아이들의: 1) 학비 지원 2) 성경공부 재정 지원 3) 간식 및 점심 4) 가정의 긴급 상황에 사용됩니다.

빅시스터의 1:1 결연은 최소 기간 1년 헌신을 약속합니다.

빅시스터는 정기적으로 결연 아동을 위한 편지를 보내며, 중보기도로 헌신할 뿐 아니라 크리스마스 기간에 마음을 담은 선물을 전달합니다.

Would you like to become a Big Sister? Click Here to sponsor a child

빅시스터가 되어 일대일 결연 프로그램에 참여에 관심이 있는 분은 여기를 클릭하세요.

More On Being A Big Sister

“Big Sister Sponsorship Empowers Children at Risk” :  Meet 7 year-old Pliyao and hear about the challenges of living in the shadow of child-trafficking in the Greater Mekong Region. 빅시스터 스폰서십은 위기의 어린이들에게 힘과 희망을 제공합니다” : 7세 쁠리야오는 메콩강 유역 인신매매의 그림자 가운데서 살아가는 어려움에 대하여 이야기 합니다.

“A Big Sister’s Letter” : In this video, we introduce some our Big and Little Sisters as the Big Sisters share their greetings to their sponsored Little Sisters in the NOAH with Children Big Sister Sponsorship Program. 빅시스터의 편지” : 빅시스터 스폰서십 프로그램을 통해 1:1 결연된 리틀시스터를 향한 빅시스터의 사랑을 담은 편지입니다.

Would you like become a Big Sister and sponsor a child? Click Here to Become A Big Sister